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Karl Vito Lam

423 days ago
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Irvin C Rep Regional Coach 香港社群小調查
  • Regional Coach 介紹
Hi, My name is Irvin*. I'm from Taiwan and I'm one of Reps Regional Coaches for your region (China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Japan).
Hi, 我是 Irvin,Region 8 (中+台+日+孟加拉) 的 Rep Regional Coach 之一。
Hossain Al Ikram is our other coach for region 8, if you wish you can contact him from his Mozillians page,
Region 8 的另一名 Coach 是來自孟加拉的 Hossain Al Ikram。大家有任何需要,也可與他聯繫:
The goal of the program is to have 1 or 2 people per region, that can act as coaches and bring back to the Council local insights about what’s going on, needs, concerns, feedback as well as provide guidance to the communities about what are the focus initiatives for Mozilla right now. It’s a two ways relationship.   https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/new-reps-regional-coaches-august-2016/10104
Rep Regional Coach 的任務是協助 Rep Council 更加了解各地社群的狀態、需求、意見回饋、提供協助,並且傳達 Mozilla 目前目標。
My role is:
- Develop a clear view of local communities status, problems, needs.
- Help local communities surface any issues or concerns.
- Provide guidance/coaching on Mozilla’s goals to local communities.
- Run regular checkins with communities and volunteers in the region.
- Coordinate with the rest of regional coaches on a common protocol, best practices.
- Be a bridge between communities in the same region.
This role is not a power structure nor a decision maker, it just helps the communities in the region.
- 協助了解在地社群的狀態、問題與需求
- 協助在地社群揭露任何問題與狀況
- 提供與 Mozilla 目標相關的協助與指引予在地社群
- 時常了解社群及志工的狀態
- 與其他 Retional Coach 們協調、交流,分享最佳的典範實務經驗
- 作為區域內個社群的橋樑
Below is a simple survey to know the current status and future of your community. Please fill the survey before the end of this week (Sep. 25), and do share with others in your community. Thanks!  
如想匿名回覆,歡迎填寫以下 Google Formhttps://goo.gl/forms/7EZGpfdP4PQinPh33
  • 在地社群的現況
Mozilla HK / 其他?
Irvin C
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