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Irvin C 2017/2/24
  • BobChao
  • Irvin
  • Rust brief intro
上官良治 2017/2/10
  • Mozilla 近況新聞
  • Discourse - 反應 open letter / community builder 離開
  • Open letter 募集
  • 世界性的 Community Manager 出缺問題
  • 獨尊 WebExtension 時程問題
  • Brian 離職  
  • 新 Branding
  • Participation OKRs 
  • Internet Health Report 
  • 匯流雙法草案 聚會  
  • windows 廣告 
toppy h
  • 網站無障礙規範2.0版
上官良治 2017/2/17
Irvin C
  • 上官
5 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Irvin Chen 5 days ago
  • 記事板 & 人力問卷 *50
  • 螢幕22吋 & hdmi 線 *1
  • 桌布
  • FoxYeah 招牌(隱私那一個就好)
  • 火狐 logo 貼紙 1 卷
  • 還有剩很多,可以先撕開
  • 我想要的 web 卡 *100 
  • 擺旁邊歡迎留言與繪圖,要先帶一些舊的去「破窗」
  • 延長線一組
  • 小莎印章 *1
  • Mozilla is my dinosaur 貼紙 200張
  • 還有剩
17 days ago
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  • 看影片  7min
Irvin C
  • The Mozilla Story  3:01
  • Choose Indenpedent  1:14
  • Privacy Let You Be You   0:57or Hidden Business  2:06
  • The Web We Want   1:08
  • 寫 / 畫出你想要的 Web (WWW 剛好一萬零x 天)   3~5min
119 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Irvin Chen 119 days ago
Irvin C Mozilla Festival 遠距聯播派對支出
  • 4:00 Wake 19 Café - 364
  • 6:00 KFC - 1058
  • 6:00 Singing - 400
  • 樓上大可樂 - 100 (兩瓶)
  • 冰塊 60
126 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 上官良治 126 days ago
  • 認真認識、瞭解社群每個人的長處與興趣
126 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Irvin Chen , Chunghui Fang , RJ Hsiao , Takeshi HAMASAKI 126 days ago
Rep RC meeting with Japan Mozillians
Hi, 我是來自台灣的 Irvin,負責日本的 Rep Regional Coach。為了更加了解 Mozilla 日本社群的現況,我希望邀請你一起來參加這個線上對談,協助我在對談中回答一些問題。
  • どうも、今回の日本 Rep Regional Coach 担当、台湾の Irvin と申します。
  • モジラジャパンコミュニティ (Mozilla Japan Community) の現状をより深く知るために、一緒にこのオンラインミーティング参加し、幾つかの問題に回答してください。
  • 日本語も使えますので、どうぞお気楽に使って下さい。
Irvin C 請問你了解 Mozilla Rep 計畫嗎?  http://reps.mozilla.org
Chunghui F
  • Rep プログラムを知っていますか?
  • imanaka - Yes, I know
Irvin C Participation: 
  • MozTW
Chunghui F
Chunghui F
  • hamasaki takeshi ー 翻訳 Community (MDN)
  • masahiko imanaka ー翻訳 Community (product
  • この Region 8 のもう一人Coach担当は、バングラデシュの Hossain Al Ikram さんです。何かあったら、Hossainさんにも連絡することができます:https://mozillians.org/u/hossainalikram/
Rep Regional Coach 的任務是協助 Rep Council 更加了解各地社群的狀態、需求、意見回饋、提供協助,並且傳達 Mozilla 目前目標。
  • Rep Regional Coach の任務は、 Rep Council 協力し、ローカルコミュニティの状態や需要、意見を把握し、支援を提供することと、モジラ (Mozilla) 現在の目標を伝えることです。
- 與其他 Regional Coach 們協調、交流,分享典範實務經驗
- 作為區域內各社群的橋樑
  • 僕の役目は:
  • - Rep Council 協力し、ローカルコミュニティの状態や問題、需要を理解す
  • - ローカルコミュニティ協力し、現地に関する全ての問題と状態を曝け出す
  • - モジラ (Mozilla) の目標に関する支援と導く
  • - コミュニティとボランティアの状態を常に把握する
  • - 他の Regional Coach たちと協調交流し、モデルと実務経験をシェアする
  • 僕の役目はコミュニティーを協力するサポーターです、特別な権限を持っない。
這是雙向的任務,有任何需求歡迎與我聯繫。 email - irvin @ moztw.org 
  • 双方向のコミュニケーション大切です。何かあたら、遠慮なく僕と連絡してください。
Takeshi H
  • This is Takeshi's email address --> hmatrjp @ users.sourceforge.jp. Unfortunately  this address can't receive verification-email from hackpad.com, I used another one to register to hackpad.
  • まず、君の所属するコミュニティは?
Irvin C
  • hanasaki - L10n community / MDN
  • masahiko - L10n community / products / sumo
  • そのコミュニティの現状、君はどう思いますか?
Irvin C
  • takeshi - number is hard to answer, because some times member is active or not , long time contributors - people will active or inactive. Community members spread over Japan, some of them live in Nagoya, or Hiroshima, for exapmle, far from Tokyo.
  • Is it not enough to finish l10n tasks? 10x ~ 20x member we need to complete the translation  (MDN) than number of members. we have now.
Chunghui F
  • masahiko - メンバーが少ないですが、今まだギリギリ大丈夫。 (成員人數不多,但目前還行)
Irvin C
  • 對於 takeshi san 說需要10x~20x 的人才能完成翻譯,你覺得同意嗎?
  • MDN is very huge cannot translate few member, product / site can work with few members, more members welcome
  • is there new voluneers join product team 
  • there is 12 / 6 / 3 year contributors, 還蠻均衡的
  • 有什麼正向的現象?為什麼?
  • 何かポジティブな現象ありますか?その原因は?
Chunghui F
  • takeshi - It's positive cause there are frequently new members getting into our community.
  • How about old (long-time) members? Do they stay for long?
Irvin C
  • Depends 
  • masahiko - hackthon l10n, 10 members now working, maybe there are one time contributors learn for l10n and spreading
  • 如同現在的 l10n hackathon 的數量你覺得是否已經足夠了?
  • 2~3 times in year, interesting in translate / l10n 
  • Takeshi 住在名古屋,那不知道你住在哪裡,那邊有沒有舉辦 Mozilla 的活動
Takeshi H
  • If  someone lives in the place far from Tokyo, for instance in Nagoya,  Mozilla can support her/his activity.  (<-- Takeshi tried to  translate above line to eng. Is it right?) yes, 
Irvin C
  • masahiko - tokyo
  • - 翻譯社群聚會多嗎?頻率大概如何 2 times in one year / communicate at internet
Chunghui F
  • - 需要增加翻譯聚會嗎? I don't think it's need to 
  • 有什麼負面的呢?為什麼?
  • 何かネガティブな現象ありますか?その原因は?
Irvin C
  • takeshi: Cannot keep some of  new members in the community
  • Some time new comer needs direction and/or answer by long time user
  • Some time long time volunteers cannot cover the all questions or request from new comers 
  • Irvin: 有沒有協助新成員的新成員的翻譯文件 (Is guildline be prepared?)
  • takeshi: Repo on github with issue system to ask question and answer them to the place on website
Chunghui F
  • takeshi: Yes, 翻訳の guideline があります。
Irvin C
  • masahiko - few expert like mashiko, anothere member cannot review the work
  • few ideas 
Takeshi H
  • New comers needs feedback what shows they are helpful and valuable on their works, and existences. If they can't see themselves valuable in the community, they leave from it.
Irvin C
  • I see, it's recognization what we used to discuss in Mozilla. We used to use badge, t-shirts and stickers for that, but we do need to improve it recently. 
  • 你覺得自己需要作些什麼?
  • ポジティブな現象をキープするためと、ネガティブな現象を改善するために、君は何をやりたいですか?
Irvin C
  • takeshi: -To keep contributing, answer question/request from new comer 
  • - To educate new comers to more experience volunteers. 
Takeshi H
  • - So they can have priviledge on MDN to help next new comers. More new comer should have privilege based on the experiences.
Irvin C
  • yes, and perhaps we need a structured procedure to give out priviledge. 
Chunghui F
  • masahiko - 讓人對社群的工作有興趣
  • 「不可能」とか考えずに、出来る限り一番いい、理想なシチュエーションをイメージしてください。
Irvin C
  • takeshi - just idea 1 - translation MDN catch up to the original english version
  • 從日本發出原創的 MDN文件
Chunghui F
  • masahiko - there are another leader in next year
  • 有什麼阻礙你到達那裡?
  • その理想辿り着く前に、何の邪魔モノがありますか?
Irvin C
  • takeshi - resources - number of contributors 
127 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Irvin Chen , Irvin Chen 127 days ago
Status of Hong Kong community
There is only one Mozilla Rep (Sammy) and another one core contributos in HK. Due to the direction change and minimum of support, they seldom have offline events, and mainly focus on online project (etc. Social Network channel & Website). The main limit is lack of contributors.
Sammy F
  • Mozilla HK 只有一位 Mozilla Rep,以及一位網絡上活躍 Mozilla 支持者。加上近兩年 Mozilla 的方向和支援,所以實體活動很少。人手有限,只有間中的網上活動 (例如 social network 和 website 等)。
Irvin C What’s working?
It's better to have one then no contributors at all... LOL
  • They're tring to re-iconite the community with recent planned Rust event and start working on Firefox zh-HK verion.
Overall, they think the current status is quite reasonable in Hong Kong's society. 
Sammy F
  • 由於至少有一位仍間中分身參與的 Mozilla Rep (我),所以總比「甚麼也沒有」為好。 LOL 而去年再嘗試尋找 zh_HK L10N 的可能性和方向,以及近期新手也試寫 Rust 來借 Rust 來推動一下。在香港的社會環境,已經是好了。
Irvin C What’s not?
It's more hard to recruiting volunteers in Hong Kong then other country in East Asia. Most of the contribution are made by same person (even across different software communities.) 
Sammy F
  • 很多。 LOL 簡單來說,香港很繁忙的都市,地小而人口比例須高,但能找到義工是比台灣及其他鄰近東亞已發展地區是很難的。再加上是香港已發展地區,這些獨特很難說服總部能多放資源在香港。這個情況跟香港開放源碼社群相同,加上都是相同一個人/幾個人去做,缺乏資源是艱難的。香港和香港人是有能力做到亞洲區的事,但就是沒有足夠義工去做,沒有人願意放資源來做。
The society tends for material and money worship. Things without profit is hard to promote and carry on.
Sammy F
  • 香港地普遍太過金錢主義,沒有 profit 的事就會難做。
Irvin C What do you think you need to do in your region?
Try to follow the news and direction of Mozilla, and starting from small project without the need of many manpower.
Sammy F
  • 我已開始跟進 Mozilla 的新消息和留意方向,嘗試從一些小項目、並用節省人力和時間的方法去嘗試發展。
  • The future of community
Irvin C Where do you see the community in 1 year? 
ideal scenario, imagine everything is possible
The community will be slightly larger and more expose of infomation on internet.  
Sammy F
  • 在相同資源下,如果如我想像我可以付出和能做到的,總比今天會好一點: 社群大一點,網上曝光會多一點,傳達的內容會多一點。
Irvin C What’s blocking you to get there?
Only one main contributor (that's Sammy) and too many works for multiple communities. 
What do you need to unblock these things?
Need more resource (money & venue). 
Money - lack of chance to participated in global/regional gathering will block the chance to bring more info back to Hong Kong. In previous years Sammy had paid for himself travel other country for the same reason.
Venue - It's getting harder and harder to find venue suitable for meetup, easy access and not cost a lot in HK. Most fastfood store don't like meeting events.  
Members (120)
桐谷和人 黃舒瑄 Singing Li Chou Shoichi Jeffery Sac Chang Takeshi HAMASAKI Daivd Chuang Roger Huang Karl Vito Lam Robert Reyes Yang-Hsiang Chang Evan Tseng MKID Ho Ken C Noah Chen Peter Chen Pellaeon Lin 楊皇毅 Chun-Hao Peng Steve Chung

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